LCY - London City Information

In 1981 London Docklands Development Corporation under took a feasibility study for a “gateway” airport in Docklands. The response was so successful in 1987 London City Airport was officially opened by the Queen.

Due to the growth of traffic through London City Airport, 1992 saw the airport re-launched with an extended runway.

Today London City Airport sees over 1.5 million passengers travelling to over 22 destinations across Europe.

How to get to London City Airport
Situated only 10 miles (16kms) from the West End (the shopping and political district), 6 miles (10kms) from the City of London financial district and just 3 miles (5kms) from Canary Wharf, London’s newest business and financial centre; London City Airport is easy to get to from any part of London.

London City Airport is situated in the Royal Docks on the north side of the River Thames. Use either the A112, A117, A406 or the A1020 off the Main A13 and follow the signs to the airport.

The nearest petrol station is Plaidstow Broadway Ltd, 37 Market Street, London, which is approximately 1.2 miles away.

map - London City Airport

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